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Your Amazing Life: with Colleen Blake-Miller

Jun 23, 2023

Mental Health affects us all, and today on the podcast we're discussing the process of talking to a professional.  Join Colleen as she walks you through the process, covering stigmas, barriers, and benefits that can all be a part of the therapy journey, and gives you some practical tips to work through...

Jun 15, 2023

Today the podcast is dedicated to the people who need to keep hope alive, so they can continue to believe great things for themself and their future. Join Colleen as she encourages you to consider what drains your Hope Tank, and provides some tips to keep your hope alive and well.




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Jun 9, 2023

Today on the podcast we're discussing how to take care of yourself in times of crisis.  Join Colleen as she emphasizes the importance of checking in with yourself and talks you through her free DIY Mental Health Check, as well as other methods to help you get through tough times.




FREE DIY Mental Health Check:

Jun 2, 2023

Today on the podcast we're discussing bold moves, what they are, and how to make them. Join Colleen as she shares tips on how to move past the daydream stage and make real progress with your goals!




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