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Your Amazing Life: with Colleen Blake-Miller

Dec 16, 2022

Today on the Podcast we're continuing out discussion of mental health around the holidays, and how to take care of ourselves as the holidays approach.  Join Colleen as she encourages you to reflect on your year, and to consider what aspects of your life are serving you, and what is getting in the way of you living your...

Dec 9, 2022

Today on the Podcast we're welcoming back a returning guest, registered psycotherapist Roxanne Francis!  Join Roxanne and Colleen as they discuss navigating your emotions during the holidays, and how to cope with the holiday blues.




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Dec 1, 2022

Today on the Podcast we're prepping for the holidays with special guest Jady Nugent.  Join Colleen and Jady, a registered dietician, as they discuss navigating food and nutrition during the holidays.




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Instagram: @thegreentablemom




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