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Your Amazing Life: with Colleen Blake-Miller

Jul 7, 2023

Today on the podcast we're joined by special guest Natalie Mullin!

Natalie is a Certified Wellness Educator, Speaker, Facilitator, and Life Coach, empowers multifaceted women to transform their lives through wellness workshops, presentations, and coaching. As the host of "From a Full Cup," a mental wellness podcast, Natalie inspires women to dream big and take action. Drawing from her own struggles during a mental health breakdown, she emerged as a thought leader on Disruptive Wellness. Through focusing on her holistic wellbeing, conducting a thorough life gap audit and crafting a strategic life roadmap to fill the gaps, she regained her footing, proving to others that it's possible to carve a life path aligned with one's values, goals, and future vision. Natalie's expertise lies in her unique approach that combines Neuro-linguistic programming, holistic wellness, and life coaching. Through her guidance, clients pursue their dreams and goals with clarity and direction, establish balance in their personal and professional lives, and achieve tangible results.

Join Natalie and Colleen as they discuss Natalie's wellness journey, and tips on how to live well.




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Episode edited by Alex Davidson

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